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XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit Video Review

This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit. THE SMB Rescue Kit is great to include in your save a dive kit for emergency situations. The kit includes a surface marker buoy (SMB), glowing light stick for night time situations, compass, whistle, signal mirror, and a buddy connect cord. Comes in Yellow or Orange.

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XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit

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  • The SMB Rescue Kit includes:
  • Safety Sausage (SMB)
    • Surface signal device
    • Over 6 feet long! (75 inches) with a 7.5 inch circumference for highest visibility
    • Inflatable with mouthpiece
    • Easily attachable snap clip
    • COLOR: Orange
  • Light Stick
    • For above-water or underwater use
    • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Compass
    • Great for multiple headings and reciprocal numbers
  • Whistle
    • Patented "pealess" whistle works even when soaking wet
    • Used by the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue
  • Signal Mirror
    • Manufactured from non-breakable plastic
    • Can be seen up to ten miles
    • Sighting target in center of mirror 
  • Buddy Connector
    • Stayed hooked on to your dive buddy in emergency situations


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