Differences Between High Pressure Scuba Tanks and Low Pressure Scuba Tanks Instructional Video

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This instructional video demonstrates the differences between high pressure scuba tanks and low pressure scuba tanks.Scuba Diving Tanks or Cylinders allow the diver to have his / her own source of air. Scuba Tanks are a cylinder container made from steel or aluminum. Scuba Tanks hold different amounts of air so It’s vital to select the right volume Scuba Tank as different sizes are made for different purposes. The difference between an aluminum tank and a steel tank are that a steel tank ´besides the price´ is that it may rust internally over time. Whereas, an aluminum tank will not. Although an Aluminum tank may seem the way to go, it is not always the case. For example, an aluminum tank thread’s have had a tendency to strip out or have cracked in once in a while than a steel tank. And most aluminum tanks have a positive buoyancy. In general most Scuba Divers start with the a basic AL80 Tank because of the price difference. There are several SCUBA cylinder manufacturers, and the specifications for their cylinder pressures, dimensions, and capacities are constantly changing.

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