Differences Between Spare Air and H2O Bailout Systems Instructional Video

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This instructional video demonstrates the differences between Spare Air and H2O Bailout Systems. By now you´re probably very familiar with the Redundant Bailout Bottle Systems/ alternate air source from Submersible Systems/ Zeagle & H2O. You´ve seen it carried by divers wherever you go. & Quite likely, you already carry one of these handy, backup breathing systems on your dives. There are well-versed advantages of these amazing self-rescue systems. So let’s take a moment to review the following highlights because you might realize just how much you´ve been missing, safety-wise. These units are Convenient Emergency Air Source, are lightweight, compact, backup air source that is completely independent of your primary breathing system. This is a tremendous advantage because, regardless of what problem might strike your primary system, these systems are unaffected-and ready to provide you with enough breaths to reach the surface in a calm, controlled ascent.

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