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Pony Bottle Mounting Options Instructional Video

This instructional video demonstrates the various options to mount your Pony Bottle. First there is Innovative’s Pony Bottle Bracket that uses your existing tank strap. Next there is Zeagle’s Pony Bottle or Battery Pack Attachment Kit which mounts your Pony bottle to a BC. Deep Outdoors’ Pony Bottle Holster is a sleeve style holster that attaches directly to your tank or BC. Next is Zeagle’s Zip On Pony Bottle Mount which zip mounts to the Zeagle Ranger Ltd. and is convenient way to attach pony bottle to the BC. H2O’s Ras Pony Bottle Tank Bag Attaches directly to your tank. Akona’s Pony Bottle Bag with it´s 600 Denier construction attaches directly to your tank or BC. H2O’s EAS Pony Bottle Tank Bag clips attaches easily to D-rings. XS Scuba’s Pony Pac Harness is designed to carry pony bottle on your back and fits 13, 19, 30, 40 cubic foot cylinders. Next is Highland’s Pony Mount & Innovative’s Quick-Tec Pony Mounting System. These are fast, easy and secure and the aluminum mounting blocks slide together and lock in position.

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