Different Types of Scuba Equipment Hangers

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This instructional video covers the various types of Scuba Equipment Hangers. We have hangers especially designed for BCD/Reg, drysuit hangers and the Accessory hanger for your booties, gloves, hoods, mask and snorkel. Wetsuit Hangers have a unique folding design is ideal for travel. It helps keep all your wetsuits looking new and helps eliminate creases and reduces wear and tear on your suit. The BC Hanger also has a unique folding design that´s ideal for travelling. Allows proper storage of regulator (yoke or din). The X5 Accessory Hanger holds mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves. It is your one place storage for your gear. And the Underwater Kinetics Hangair has a fan built into the top to dry wetsuits/drysuits in hours, not days. It helps keep all your wetsuits/drysuits looking new.

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