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Atomic T3 Titanium DIN Regulator


Atomic ST1 DIN Regulator

And the reviews are in:
"Divers thought the ST1 was one of the 'smoothest breathing' regulators of the bunch and gave it the highest ergonomic scores of all the regulators in this review. The comfort swivel helped boost comfort scores and test divers had praise for the user control knob and soft purge cover. This reg also received the highest score for Ease of Breathing and was the only reg rated Excellent by test divers for dryness. When we polled our test divers for their top reg in the price category, the ST1 was a clear Testers' Choice." - Scuba Lab


Atomic Z2X DIN Regulator


Atomic Z2X Regulator Sealed, DIN

  • For cylinders fitted with a DIN valve only (for cylinders fitted with a standard yoke valve order adapter below)
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • First stage is made from chrome-plated brass and stainless steel
  • Second stage components are made of machined brass with zirconium plating and titanium
  • "Diver Adjustable" Airflow
  • AFC: (Automatic flow control) Exclusive feature automatically adjusts airflow at depth
    to maintain stable, comfortable breathing
  • Corrosion resistant Titanium/Zirconium second stage
  • COLORS: Gray or Blue
  • Includes 1st stage seal kit to prevent outside contamination such as silt and

Atomic M1 Monel DIN Regulator

And the reviews are in:
"…this reg turned in Excellent performance on the breathing simulator, earning perfect work of breathing scores when subjected to our standard reg tests." - ScubaLab


Atomic Z3 DIN Regulator


Atomic Z3 DIN Regulator with Sealed 1st Stage


Atomic T2X Titanium DIN Regulator

And the reviews are in:
"The T2x is the Rolls Royce of regs, with top-drawer performance, exotic metalwork and lots of cool features."
- Scuba Lab


Atomic B2 DIN Regulator

Retail: $725.00

You Pay: $719.00

You Save: $6.00

Atomic Z2 DIN Regulator

And the reviews are in:
"made the list of the best regulators ever made" (Highest Rating) -Scuba Lab

Retail: $439.00

You Pay: $409.00

You Save: $30.00

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