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Steel Tanks Aluminum Tanks Tank Accessories Twin Tanks & Manifolds

Scuba Tank Instructional Videos

The Differences between Din and Yoke tank valves The Differences between Din and Yoke tank valves
This instructional video shows the differences between the two types of scuba tank valves (Yoke and DIN).
XS Scuba Pro Valve Instructional Video XS Scuba Pro Valve Instructional Video
This instructional video shows you how the XS Scuba Pro tank valve works.

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Zeagle Pony Bottle System
Zeagle Pony Bottle System
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Top 5 Tank Accessories

Sherwood Convertible Pro Valve
Sherwood Convertible Pro Valve
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Scuba Tank Carrier
Scuba Tank Carrier
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Sherwood Valve Protector
Sherwood Valve Protector 
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XS Scuba Tank Pressure Checker
XS Scuba Tank Pressure Checker 
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XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold
XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold 
Starting at $329.95

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Steel scuba tank

Steel Tanks

Steel scuba tanks

come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The low pressure scuba tanks are usually slightly larger in diameter and heavier than the high pressure scuba tanks. These cylinders are excellent for a high capacity of air at low pressures. High pressure diving tanks are about the same size as most aluminum dive tanks, but hold more air at a higher pressure. Both of these scuba diving tanks have excellent buoyancy properties - They don't float at the end of the dive. If properly cared for, a steel scuba cylinder will provide service for decades.
Aluminum scuba tanks

Aluminum Tanks

Aluminum scuba tanks are the most common scuba diving tanks in the world. They are cost efficient and long lasting and can be found at almost every dive resort or operation around the world. These tanks are lighter than steel tanks and are easy to carry, wear, dive with, and get filled. Due to their lighter physical weight, aluminum tanks must be counter-weighted with approximately 4 pounds to keep them from floating near the end of a dive. The Compact Neutral scuba tanks can avoid that problem. They have a thicker wall with more metal that makes them slightly heavier and therefore, they do not float at the end of the dive.
scuba tank Accessories

Tank Accessories

Scuba tank accessories range from tank manifolds and dual set-ups to boots, valves and labeling stickers. We carry everything a diver needs for a scuba diving tank.
scuba tank Accessories

Twin Tanks and Manifolds

Twin Tanks and Manifolds allow the diver to assemble 2 cylinders into one working system for longer bottom times and greater range underwater.

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