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What to Look for in a Snorkel?
Snorkels allow you to peer beneath the ocean's surface without having to come up to take a breath, saving you time and energy.
Today's snorkels come in the following styles:
Purge Snorkel - These snorkels allow ease of clearing the snorkel of water. There is a one way valve at the bottom of the snorkel, so less air is used to clear it.
Semi Dry Snorkel - At the top of the snorkel, many manufacturers offer a "deflector" type device that discourages water from entering the snorkel.
Dry Snorkel - There is only one 100% dry snorkel on the market, the Oceanic Ultra-Dry Snorkel. It has a patented self regulating valve that senses the difference in weight between air and water, so the snorkel top "shuts off" when submerged and automatically "opens up" when you surface. It is a fail safe and time tested device that allows a snorkeler or diver the benefit from never having to clear a snorkel of water when it is in use. This snorkel is guaranteed to be 100% dry

Snorkeling Masks
Diving Masks

The function of the mask is to provide a window to your underwater world, by creating air space between the diver’s eyes and the water. This air space allows you to see clearly underwater. There are many types of masks, many with options that make the mask easier to use. The most important part in selecting a mask is comfort and fit. Make sure that the mask has a good seal to your face and fits well. If it does not seal to your face properly the mask will leak. Options like a clear silicone skirt offer the advantage of being translucent, allowing for light penetration and creating a more open feeling. Black silicone is the preference for some hunters and cave divers because it eliminates any light penetration from the sides and allows the diver to focus solely on what is in front of him or her, therefore, eliminating any distractions. Low volume masks are easier to clear because of the smaller air space. Large masks can have side windows that allow more peripheral vision.

The following are the four types of masks used by divers:

Diving Masks without purge

Masks Without Purge

Masks without purges are great for scuba diving and snorkeling. These simple masks are available with one or two windows. Some models even have side windows which allow more light into the mask. They are available in a range of accent colors and many have either clear or solid black silicone skirts.

Dive Masks with purge

Masks With Purge

These snorkeling and diving masks are similar to the masks above with one important feature. They have a purge valve. The purge valve is a one way valve typically located in the nose pocket of the mask. If water enters the mask, the diver needs only to press the mask against their face, look downward and exhale through their nose to displace the water out. These easy to use dive masks are also available with one or two windows with some models even having side windows which allow more light into the mask. They are available in a range of accent colors and many have either clear or solid black silicone skirts.

Scuba Masks with optical lenses

Masks With Optical Lenses

Many snorkeling and diving masks are available with optical lenses and will solve the problem of having to wear contacts or diving without your sight correction. With optical lenses installed in your mask you will be able to enjoy diving without worrying about loosing your contacts or struggling to see the underwater sights. Optical lenses can be installed for near sightedness (minus diopters) and far sightedness (positive diopters). For those who just need some help reading the gauges, Bifocal lens are available for many masks.

Diving mask full face mask

Full Face Diving Masks

Full Face Diving Masks cover the diver’s entire face and have some special features. Using a full face mask allows the diver to breathe from both the mouth and nose, has less fatigue because the diver does not have to bite down on a mouth piece in during the dive. They are excellent for colder water, do not require defogging and are almost impossible to flood. With the addition of a communication system you can even talk underwater to other divers.

Dive masks swim goggles

Swimming Goggles

Swim goggles are NOT designed for snorkeling or scuba diving because they do not cover the nose area and have no way of equalizing the air space around the eyes as you descend under the water. They are perfect for swimming or any activity at or above the surface of the water.

Dive mask accessories

Mask Accessories

Don't end up having to end your dive because of a broken mask strap or a mask that constantly fogs up. Mask accessories include everything a diver needs for their mask. We have mask straps, mask bags, defog solution, strap covers and many other accessories you might need.

After you have found the perfect mask read up on how to prep your mask here.

Snorkeling Fins

Snorkeling fins are simply extensions of your feet. The purpose of the fin is to increase the foot's effective propelling surface, enabling the diver to move more efficiently and with greater thrust through the water. There are many snorkel and scuba fins available on the market today and they can be grouped into the following four categories:


Open Heel fins adjustable strap

Adjustable Strap Fins
Adjustable strap fins or also known as open heel fins allow the diver a wider range of options such as using either adjustable straps or spring straps along with the use various kinds of thermal protection. These fins tend to be the favorite among scuba divers. Allowing the usage of dive boots, these fins can be worn in any thermal climate. Open Heel fins tend to be larger than Full Foot fins, to compensate for the drag created by wearing scuba equipment and bulkier exposure suits.

full foot fins

Full Foot Fins
These full foot fins are popular among snorkelers and divers in warm water because they are lighter in weight and tend to be smaller than the traditional open heel fins mentioned above. Since they do not require any thermal protection on your feet your foot can slip right into the foot pocket with ease.

full foot freediving fin

Long Blade Free Diving Fin
Long Blade Free Diving Fins are considerably longer than traditional scuba diving fins and have a similar foot design like the full foot fins above. These long blade freediving fins are geared towards freedivers who need short quick bursts of speed with a lot of power.

force fins

Force Fins
Force Fins were created by fin designer Bob Evans and are designed to be incredibly efficient by utilizing special materials and designs. With a wide array of styles, Force Fin offers fins for everyone from snorkelers, scuba divers, technical divers and commercial divers.


Fin accessories

Fin Accessories
Fin Accessories offers everything a diver needs for their fins. Don't let a broken fin strap or broken buckle ruin your dive. We carry everything from replacement straps, spring straps, extra buckles and more. We have it all.

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