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Mfg Part #: 70010

Sea & Sea A-10/A-20 Housing

  • Housing Features
    • Provides full control of all camera functions
    • Macro and Wide Angle Lenses available

Mfg Part #: 58050

Sea & Sea Digital Lens Adaptor For Canon A10/A20/A30/A40/A60/A70 Housing

  • Ability to utilize conversion lenses makes these systems more versatile and useful
  • Conversion lens adapter allows the use of the Motor Marine II conversion lenses with the most popular digital systems
  • Conversion lens adapter presses onto the front of the housing allowing you to attach and detach the lenses underwater

Sea Master Pro 20mm Wide Lens $329.95
Sea Master Pro 16mm Wide Lens $319.95
Macro Lens ML-II/2T $184.95

Mfg Part #: 854-0102

Light & Motion Titan Macro Lens

  • Designed to be attached or removed underwater
  • Allows for shooting small subjects or close up shots
  • Secures to the housing using 1/4 turn bayonet details (no threaded mount)
  • Subject distance range: 4" to 9"


Mfg Part #: SS-03106

Sea & Sea YS-110 Strobe

  • Free O-ring removal tool
  • Free silicone grease
  • Built in LED target light
  • Works with all compact digital and Digital SLR cameras
  • Uses five pin sync cords for SLR housed cameras or fiber optic cable for compact digital cameras
  • Features 12-step power control for manual operating modes, plus DS-TTL auto exposure 
  • Slave mode syncs for DS-TTL flash on compact digital cameras
  • Delivers a wide 105 x 105 beam pattern
  • Works in TTL with Sea & Sea TTL converters for Sea & Sea Digital SLR housings
  • Fast 3 second recycle time
  • U/W Guide number: 36 with ISO 100 film
  • Sync cord not included (see below to order)

Mfg Part #: 15911

Sea & Sea YS-60TTL/S

  • Free extra O-ring set
  • Free O-ring removal tool
  • Free silicone grease
  • Built-in light-softening diffuser
  • Delivers a wide 105 x 95 beam pattern, full, 1/2 and TTL power modes
  • Fast recycling
  • Works with wide angle lenses as it does with macro
  • Equipped with a four-pin connector
  • COLOR:Black
  • For use with Sea & Sea Seamaster Pro/MMII Cameras only



Delkin Micro-SD Memory Card

  • The world's smallest memory card
  • Fully compatible with devices that take regular SD cards
  • Use these cards to simply take more pictures, or take pictures at greater resolutions and still have memory to burn
  • Expand the capabilities of your digital camera, mobile phone or MP3 player
  • Adapter included
  • Available in: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB


Mfg Part #: DDSDPRO3

Delkin Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card

  • Expand the capabilities of your digital camera!
  • Never run out of digital "film"!
  • Use these cards to simply take more pictures, or take pictures at greater resolutions and still have memory to burn
  • Available in: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SDHC, or 64GB SDXC
  • 4GB,8GB and 16GB SDHC cards ONLY work with SDHC compatible devices.
    Please check for the SDHC logo on your product packaging
  • GoPro Hero 3 cameras will accept up to 64GB
  • Sealife DC1400, DC1200 and DC1000 cameras will accept up to 16GB
  • Sealife Mini 2 and DC800 camera will accept up to 8GB
  • Sealife DC600 camera will accept up to 2GB

Memory Card Spec Sheet


Mfg Part #: SL960D

Sealife Digital Strobe

Mfg Part #: 70000A

Sea & Sea Ys-90dx Digital Lighting Package

  • Everything you need to compliment your digital underwater camera
  • Includes:
    • YS-90DX Strobe
      • Free 4 AA batteries
      • Free Extra O-ring set
      • Free Silicone grease
      • Free O-ring removal tool
      • Designed specifically for the underwater point and shoot digital photographer providing convenient and flexible control over underwater lighting
      • Built in pre-flash sensor assures that the strobe will fire when the camera does and not before as in some competitor models
      • Precise manual power control allows photographer to fine tune exposure on the fly
      • User friendly fiber optic sync cord connects easily and cannot flood
      • Simple, lightweight and compact design travels easily above and below the water
      • Fast flash recycle time
    • Fiber Optic Sync Cord for YS-90DX
    • Sea Arm Single Set
    • Sea Arm Bracket Shoe
      • Arm is flexible, light weight and non-corrosive, designed specifically for the YX-90DX strobe
      • Base stay specially designed for the YS-90DX strobe
      • Eliminates the need to hand hold strobe and camera separately when coupled with DX stay
      • Makes shooting and getting in and out of the water with the camera and strobe system easy

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