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Mfg Part Number :
Sea & Sea Mx-5 Camera

Sea&Sea Close up Lens $49.95
Kodak Gold Max 400 Film $5.95
Kodak Sea Processing Mailer $16.95



Mfg Part Number :
Kodak Quick Snap Camera

  • Easy to grip and take pictures, even with gloves on
  • Loaded with KODAK MAX 800 Film
  • Extremely durable and rugged
  • Captures pictures as far as 14 feet under water
  • 27 exposures
KODAK Sea Processing Mailer $16.95



Mfg Part Number :
Kodak Sea Processing Mailer

  • Bring your underwater and above-water pictures alive.
  • Get more from your underwater photography.
  • Sea processing film-developing service digitally enhances your underwater photos for sharper, brighter images by elimination murky blues and greens.
  • You will get spectacular prints with colors that really pop.
  • Just drop your exposed film in this prepaid mailer, add postage and mail. It's that easy!
  • Up to 36 prints (4" x 6") and original negatives are delivered right to your home.
  • Includes an index print for easy reference.
  • Each pre-paid envelope includes processing, prints and return postage.
  • For print film only, NOT for slide film



Mfg Part Number :
Concord Underwater Camera with Flash

  • Focus Free
  • Motorized Film Advance and Rewind
  • Rated up to 70 feet - ideal for snorkelers
  • 35mm Waterproof Motorized Camera with Flash
  • Easy flip-up view finder for easy viewing
  • Use it without the housing for all your topside photo's
  • This is NOT a disposable!
  • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater
  • The Best Value in Underwater Photography for Snorkelers
KODAK Gold Max 400 Film $8.95
KODAK Sea Processing Mailer $16.95



Mfg Part Number :
Wet n Wild 35 Camera
Fantasea Wet N´ Wild 35 Camera

  • Rated to 60 feet
  • Suitable for all weather
  • Fully automatic camera operation
  • Motorized film wind and rewind functions
  • Focus free lens for sharp pictures
  • Built-in electronic flash for pictures underwater
  • Lightweight, compact and user friendly
  • WaterProof Aim and Shoot camera for all water sports and recreation activities
  • Can be used above and underwater
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • BATTERIES: 2 AA Batteries
  • Film and batteries not included


Mfg Part Number :
Snap Sights Sports Waterflash Re-Usable Camera

  • Free 1 AA battery included
  • Free lanyard included
  • Free pre-loaded film included
  • Rated to 100 feet - Ideal for Snorkeling / SCUBA Divers
  • 35mm Waterproof Camera
  • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater
  • Focus free 28m lens
  • Positive buoyancy - it floats
  • Pressure resistant shutter button
  • Auto off flash
  • Reusable
  • Durable shock resistant construction
  • Camlock closure system to prevent accidental opening underwater
  • Extra flip-up viewfinder for easy viewing
  • Use it without the housing for all your topside photos
  • 27 Exposures


Mfg Part Number :
Bonica Sea King II Snapper Camera

  • Sea King II Snapper Camera
    • Free lanyard included
    • Free underwater view finder
    • Free 2 AA alkaline batteries included
    • 35mm Waterproof Camera with Flash
    • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater
    • Coated 3 element glass lens system
    • Fully controllable flash including red eye reduction
    • Motorized film advance and Auto rewind
    • Digital display indicating frame count & battery condition
    • Standard tripod mount to accept external strobe & accessories
    • Rated to 150 feet


Mfg Part Number :
Bonica Multi Snapper

  • Free lanyard included
  • Free advance hand held leakage indicator
  • Free underwater view finder
  • Free lithium 3V CR-2 battery included
  • Free hard storage case included
  • Depth rating: 165 feet
  • Auto motorized film advancing and rewinding
  • Manually or automatic depth of field allowing exceptional focusing ability from 4 inches to infinity
  • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater
  • Self timer
  • Standard tripod mount provision


Mfg Part Number :
Suprema Super Sport Underwater Camera


Mfg Part Number :
Sea & Sea Mx-10

Scuba Lab Testers Choice!
  • MX-10 Camera Only
    • FREE Lanyard!
    • FREE 2 AA Alkaline batteries!
    • FREE Extra O-ring set!
    • FREE O-ring removal tool!
    • FREE Silicone grease!
    • Rated to 150 feet
    • Compact, lightweight 35mm camera ideal for all outdoor activities
    • 32mm focus-free lens
    • Automated film loading, advance and power rewind
    • Exterior mount lets you add on or take off accessory lenses underwater
    • Constructed of non-corrosive polycarbonate
    • Built-in flash for indoors, outdoors, or underwater


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