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Underwater Camera

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With a Digital Camera you have the ability to see your pictures immediately after taking them. While capturing video with a Video Camera may require a little extra investment, capturing good-quality scenes is relatively easy. Our Underwater SLR Cameras include DSLR cameras and high end underwater housings. Camera Accessories like Memory Cards, Strobes and Batteries make sure you never get stuck without what you need. See more  

Underwater Cameras

The world beneath the waves is an amazing sight, so why not capture it? An underwater waterproof camera is the only thing that can make your dive last forever. Taking quality underwater photos will require having the necessary equipment, knowing a few basic rules, and, as always, practice.

Underwater Cameras
Underwater Cameras

If you're going to invest into an underwater digital camera, why not go with the tried and true cameras that divers worldwide prefer? Tested by experts, enthusiasts, and professionals, these cameras will make sure your pictures look as amazing as your memory. Many of these cameras shoot in High Definition (HD), 720p and higher, providing crisp and clear images. At high resolution, these images can be blown up large and printed without any loss of quality, resulting in almost-real vistas you can give as gifts or just hang in your home.

Just by plugging the included USB cable into your computer, you can upload and print, send, or publish your images in no time at all.

Underwater Video Cameras
Underwater Video Cameras

If a picture says a thousand words, how much does a video say? Capture your underwater trip with a waterproof video camera, one that records video in full HD. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, wide angle lenses, and external lights, you'll be fully equipped to record any undersea vista you come across.

Many of these video cameras come with full charging and uploading kits, complete with a lanyard to prevent the loss of such a valuable piece of gear.

Underwater SLR Cameras
Underwater SLR Cameras

The main difference between shooting above water and below is that light travels differently through air than it does water. Air is transparent, allowing light to travel in a straight, while water is opaque and full of dense particles which scatter, bend, reflect, and absorb light.

Lighting packages are a vital component for any underwater camera, video or still picture - the ocean is a dark place, one that will render even the most expensive waterproof cameras useless without extra light. A strobe is also a great investment. Because the first colors you lose at depth are the warm colors, red, orange, and yellow, you will need an artificial light source (a strobe) to capture bright, colorful photographs.

Camera Accessories
Camera Accessories

An underwater waterproof camera is a fine start, but don't go without the essentials. Extra memory cards allow you to store more photos and videos, ensuring you won't run out of space or have to stop to upload your pictures in the middle of a dive. Extra battery packs allow you to never have to worry about running out of power, a grave concern in the middle of the ocean when power is no easy thing to find.

A chest mount allows you to go hands-free, never having to worry about dropping or damaging your valuable waterproof camera. A wide-angle lens attachment insures you never miss anything you're shooting at. That goes double for a camera-flash attachment, which can illuminate even the deepest waters to help you pull off the perfect shot. See less  

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Underwater Cameras


Underwater Video Cameras


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