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Dive Watches

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Professional Dive Watches leave traditional watches in the dust, able to be worn and function in water while also acting as a dive computer. Economical Dive Watches include sturdy analog and digital watches from a variety of manufacturers. See more  

Dive Watches

Never lose track of time, even in the darkest depths, even on the longest dives, with these waterproof dive watches.

Professional Dive Watches
Professional Dive Watches

Keeping time is one thing - for these high-quality professional dive watches, time is only the beginning. Pro dive watches can be worn in and out of water without a problem, able to function at depths of up to 330 feet / 110 meters or more. Even when the light runs out, many of these are easy to read, with backlit and glow-in-the-dark faces.

Many of these watches double as dive computers, complete with Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and free dive modes. Connect to your tank with a wireless transmitter to always keep an eye on your supply. These dive watches can even record dive logs, adjust for altitude, connect to computers via USB, and all without missing common watch functions like stopwatches, alarms, and timers.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, a professional dive watch is an extremely useful item for the serious diver.

Economical Dive Watches
Economical Dive Watches

Looking for a reliable time piece that can stick with you anywhere you go? These dive watches will keep you on time and stay dry, even up to depths of up to 660 feet / 200 meters. The super luminous dials keep time on your side, even in the darkest environs. With options for rubber straps or steel bracelets, analog or digital, and with dozens of watchface styles and colors, you'll never be without the perfect watch for your specific needs.

You can also find watch accessories and other handy items here as well, including thermometers and extra straps for your dive watch. See less  

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Top 5 Professional Dive Watches (Over $150)

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Top 5 Economical Dive Watches (Under $150)

Waterborne Safety Straps
Waterborne Safety Straps
Starting at $14.95
St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch
St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Watch
Starting at $154.95
St Moritz Momentum M1 Watch
St Moritz Momentum M1 Watch
Starting at $114.95
Freestyle Shark Classic Watch
Freestyle Shark Classic Watch
Starting at $44.95
St Moritz M1 Twist Watch
St Moritz M1 Twist Watch
Starting at $140.00

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Watch Reviews: Professional Dive Watches (Over $150) Reviews, Economical Dive Watches (Under $150) Reviews

Browse through our entire watch selection from a series of professional dive watches to simple economical dive watches. These underwater watches include high end dive computer watches to simple analog and digital designs to serve any divers needs.

We are proud to offer dive watches from the following manufacturers:
Aeris, Citizen, Freestyle, Innovative, Oceanic, St Moritz, Suunto, Trident, TUSA, Waterborne and more...

Watches Reviews:

Aeris Manta Air / Nitrox Computer Watch Review Aeris Manta Air / Nitrox Computer Watch Review   Manta Air / Nitrox Computer Watch
Aeris Manta air/nitrox watch computer - I bought this because I wanted a dive computer that I could wear as a watch during dive vacations. The Manta is slightly larger than a regular watch, but... View Full Review
Freestyle Hammerhead Dive Watch Review Freestyle Hammerhead Dive Watch Review   Hammerhead Dive Watch
Very impressed - $400 features in a $100 watch - I was skeptical at buying a $100 watch that says it was rated to 660 feet for diving but after I got the watch, I dont take it off - wear it at work, camping,... View Full Review

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Aeris Dive Watch Body Glove Dive Watch Citizen Dive Watch Freestyle Watch Mares Dive Watch Oceanic Dive Watch St Moritz Dive Watch TUSA Dive Watch

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