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Who is considered to be the father of mixed gas diving tables?

What roll did shellfish play in the Cold War?

Which of the marine mammals are herbivores?

Which ruler of ancient times descended underwater in a diving bell?

Jauques Yves Cousteau was born in what year?

Squids and other Cephalopods can change their color because of what organ in their skin?

What is responsible for Phosphorescence?

What was the first device to be given the name SCUBA?

The recreational depth limit for scuba is?

An octopus can move its whole body through a hole as big as its own:

After Mayday, what is the next most serious emergency/distress call?

The piece of equipment that will provide air in the case of emergency is:

What is the largest organ in a shark’s body?

What year were the first laws made for payment of Salvage Diving?

A Wolf Eel is actually:

What do SCUBA tanks get filled with at a dive shop?

What were the first masks made of?

The “Torpedo Ray” is a member of what class?

The largest animal to live on the planet earth is:

What woman that was one of the first female scuba instructors in the country and also graced a cover of Sport Illustrated?

The “Calypso” was made of what material?

What is the biggest danger of incurring an Arterial Gas Embolism?

What year was Cousteau’s ship “Calypso” retired from the French Navy?

What kind of vessel sank the Calypso in 1996?

What kind of vessel was Calypso when she was in the French Navy?

SCUBA Tanks with the stamp 3AL are made of:

When out of air you should:

What natural feature will help you navigate during a shore dive

Carcharadon Carcharius is the genus and species for what animal?

Marine algaes are among the most complicated forms of plant life.

One of the largest single celled organisms on earth is:

The most dangerous jelly fish in the world is: