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What year were the first laws made for payment of Salvage Diving?
Who is considered to be the father of mixed gas diving tables?
Who is the first person to record a Nitrox dive?
What alternatives to scuba are not being used?
What was the name of the diving suit used by James Bond in For Your Eyes Only?
Who is the longest continuous maker of the single hose scuba regulator?
Who wrote an epic tale about Scyllis using a hollow reed as a snorkel to escape recapture from the Persian King?
What animal was used in the Leonard Hill decompressions theory tests?
In Saturation Diving what is the depth range of the UBK MK21 diving mask?
At what university was DAN founded?
What is the nickname for the Italy’s early submarine?
According to the 1984 US Navy Standard Air Decompression Table how many decompression stops are required for a dive to 110 fsw for a bottom time of 60 minutes?
Which dive table bears a skull and crossbones?
From which dive store did author Clive Cussler receive scuba training?
What roll did shellfish play in the Cold War?
What year was Hydrogen/Oxygen used for the first time as a breathing mixed gas?
What is the nickname of the scooter (DPV) used in World War II?
Who was the first CMAS, US instructor #1, cross certified through NAUI?
What Peruvian object was used to draw divers and fish on in 200 AD?
What was the first device to be given the name SCUBA?
What was the name of the first commercial scooter (DPV)?
What is the FSW premixed gas range for treatment gases in decompressions chambers?
What deepest and longest recorded dive done by a mammal?
What group was to have the first nationally recognized diver certification program?
What famous diver produces his own internationally famous wine?
What year did the first standardized rules come out for spear fishing?
What woman that was one of the first female scuba instructors in the country and also graced a cover of Sport Illustrated?
What year was the Haldane-s diving tables published to the general public?
How many divers did PADI certify in its first year of operation?
Who was the first outstanding graduate of the Underwater Instructors Certification Course?