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CELEBRITY DIVERS Contest to win Gift Certificate for free scuba gear

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Which famous golfer does not scuba dive?

What did musician and diver Jerry Garcia design?

Which famous personality dives and owns a dive resort in Fiji?

Which scuba-diving actor played the lead role in a James Bond film?

Jessica Alba appeared on the cover of what diving magazine?

Which actor-diver is famous for his role in Sea Hunt?

Which celebrity is a certified cave diver?

Which famous rock star/musician is not a scuba diver?

Which famous model is not a scuba diver?

What wooden-hulled minesweeper ship built for the British Royal Navy did Jacques-Yves Cousteau use as a mobile lab for field research?

Where did actor Tom Hanks learn to scuba dive?

During the credits of Finding Nemo, what animated character can be seen can be seen doing a little deep-sea diving?

Which actor's favorite pastimes include skydiving, scuba diving and piloting his own Pitts Special S-2B stunt plane?

Where was supermodel Kate Moss certified as a scuba diver?

What do drummers Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Rick Allen of Def Leppard and Alan White of Yes have in common?