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In Greek legend, malicious creatures called Kallikantzaroi sometimes play troublesome pranks at Christmas time. What should you do to get rid of them

Many movies on Christmas themes have been made for television and the cinema over the years, including dozens of versions of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Which of the following films has NOT yet been made?

The poinsettia is a traditional Christmas flower. Where did it originally grow?

In Victorian England, turkeys were popular for Christmas dinners. Some of the birds were raised in Norfolk, and taken to market in London. To get them to London, the turkeys:

At Christmas, it is traditional to exchange kisses beneath a sprig of which plant?

In Lithuania, if Kaledu Senelis, or Grandfather Christmas, appears to the children on Christmas Eve to hand out presents, the recipient must:

What was the name of Rudolph's dogsled driving friend?

Who said: God Bless us, Everyone!

How many times is the name of Santa Claus used in The Night Before Christmas?

What is the name of the first reindeer Santa calls in The Night Before Christmas?

In Tchaikovsky's ballet , The Nutcracker, who is the main enemy?

Which well-known author of fantasy fiction also created a book called The Father Christmas Letters?

Which of the following names does NOT belong to one of the Three Kings?

Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer are there?

In It's a Wonderful Life, what part of George's house is always broken?

If you were given some frumenty at a Medieval Christmas party, what would you probably do with it?

What product became a sled for Santa in commercials of the 60's?

Which of these names does NOT belong to one of Santa's reindeer?

All through the Christmas season in old England, lambswool could be found in the houses of well-to-do. What was it?

After Scrooge has reformed his life at the end of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, he invites Bob Cratchit to join him for some

The jólasveinar, or Yule lads, are a traditional part of an Icelandic Christmas. What are they?

In the Ukraine, what does it mean if you find a spider web in the house on Christmas morning?

One of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes takes place during the Christmas season. Which of these does the tale hinge upon?

What is Charlie Brown's complaint about Christmas?

In many households, part of the fun of eating Christmas pudding is finding a trinket that predicts your fortune for the coming year. For instance, finding a coin means you will become wealthy. What will you be if you find a button?

In A Charlie Brown Christmas, who plats the innkeeper int he play?

One fairly modern Christmas ritual is the British monarch's broadcast to the people on Christmas day. The first was given by George V in 1932. Who wrote the king's speech?

Who lost $8000 in It's a Wonderful Life?