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What place for commercial success does Halloween hold?

Of the top costumes of 2004, witches were what number in popularity?

What other colors besides orange do pumpkins come in?

Which horror movie actor was known as “The Man of a Thousand Faces”?

Listed by the U.S. Department of Commerce as an official haunted site, which New Orleans, Louisiana location is now a popular museum.

The tradition of dressing up started because:

Every Halloween, Charlie Brown helps his friend Linus wait for what character to appear?

In 2003, Freddy Kruger did battle with:

How many sequels were there for the original movie “Halloween”?

Vampire bats are real and live in

If you see a spider on Halloween, it is fabled to be:

What will a silver bullet kill?

A vampire cannot enter your house until:

Herman Munster’s wife was modeled after what mythical creature?

It is bad luck to kill:

For Good Luck, a horseshoe must be hung:

The origin of Halloween is how many years old?

According to superstition; if you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween night, who will you see?

Which term refers to the fear of Cats?

How many pounds did the current world’s record holding pumpkin weigh?

What “monster” stalks ranches in the southwest?

What famous Halloween character is listed simply as``The Shape`` in the credits in a popular horror movie?

In Medieval times, what was commonly eaten as a cure for leprosy?

Which country celebrates Day of the Dead?

This custom began as a way to find out who will get married first!

This First Lady is said to haunt the White House Rose Garden.

Who rode around Sleepy Hollow with a pumpkin for a head?

During Halloween, the colors Orange and Black represent what?

The #1 Candy sold in the U.S. for Halloween is:

William Henry Pratt is the real name of the actor that brought which monster to the screen first?

The first wrapped penny-candy in America was:

Michael Myers’ mask was originally a mask of who’s face?

The Blair Witch is based on what famous haunting?

What horror film Slasher made his debut first?

A Broken Mirror is bad because: