Hi all,

When we are diving in Cozumel, we noticed most people don't know the reefs that well. It's nice to be able to preview the reefs a little, so you have some idea of where you might want to dive. All the sites in Cozumel are great, so you can't go wrong. And the DM has the final word, but they often ask where you want to go.

So we created this free online reef guide.

Please check out www.reefsofcozumel.com

for a great reef map, reef descriptions, and photos of each reef...not just some random photo that someone took and posted by the reef description. Also, feel free to contribute your own reef descriptions and photos. There are public forums and galleries there. [img:center]http://reefsofcozumel.com/images/mapofcozumeldivesites.jpg[/img]