[quote=tj1]What is your opinion on solo diving? Although it is not recommended can you get ticketed for it? [/quote]

I strongly disagree with most of what has been posted here. First, SDI [b][u]does indeed[/u][/b] have a certification in Solo Diving. The first chapter of the manual (Thinking and Acting Outside the Buddy System) covers some basic and [b][u]serious[/u][/b] flaws in the buddy system as well as some very good reasons to gain solo diving skills.

Personally I found myself in the most dangerous situation I've ever experienced diving with a "Dive Master" and 8 others off Klein Bonaire this last January. Only one other of the group had skills. He asked me later if I felt as at risk as he did. I am far safer alone than I was when diving with that group. An inexperienced, clueless or panic prone buddy is a seriously danger to both divers.

I dive almost exclusively solo and I've got a [b][u]lot[/u][/b] of solo dives. I do it for the freedom and peace and (selfishly) not having to do what I don't want to. I don't want to keep track of someone, babysit, be held back, be rushed, or any of that other shite. I dive for me - for solutide, for peace, for freedom. That said, if someone is in an OOA situation I am prepared to hand them an air supply that will allow a non deco ascent from 130'. It's easy. It simply takes training,equipment, and experience. There is NOTHING wrong or dangerous with solo diving, as long as you have trained and follow the rules/restrictions.

I've had problems, though none the solo course didn't make me prepare for and make me completely equipped to handle, and rather easily at that. In some cases a buddy trying to help might very well have made matters worse.

All due respect, if you are experiencing things going to crap I would suggest that you are either not paying attention, are ill prepaired, or are simply incompetent. If you are properly equipped, taking care of your equipment, inspecting it properly before every dive, thouroughly planning your dive (know the site, proper gas calcs, etc.) and then follow that plan and know when to abort it, have an independent (redundant) air source, and you still need a buddy to bail your butt out, you shouldn't be diving. Get a snorkel and stay on top.