It isn't nearly as much the certifying agency as the instructor teaching your course. All agencies teach the divers to enjoy scuba at all the recreational depths safely. Take a few minutes and visit with the instructor who will be teaching your class. Ask a few questions, such as costs for make up classes if you need to miss one or what happens if you just need more time and practice.

Take a few minutes to discover if you have a good rapport with the person. Take note of how easily they explain things to your satisfaction and their level of patience, keeping in mind that when you are in the water and things are more stressful with less ability to communicate the person doesn't get BETTER at it.

All in all we instructors live off our students completing the course successfully and telling their friends, neighbors and loved ones how much fun they had! PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI and any other agency around the world all want to see you happy in the water!