Within the last 8 months, there have been a number of diver rescues near and around La Jolla Shores and Scripps. Early this year, I rescued 2 divers while I was swimming outside the 1/2 mile bouys between Scripps Pier and The Cove. The divers should not have been anywhere near where I was. At approximately where I was, the shelf drops from 60' to over 2000'. I have been out swimming and seen numerous rescues by the lifeguards since then. I have had 4 friends(all surfers) this year, including one yesterday, rescue divers in the area. In my opinion, none of these people should be out there. In the case where I rescued the two, I found them at least 1/3rd mile from where their instructor and the rest of the group were at. I blame that one on the instructor, and the lifeguards let him know when he came in as I reported the incident. The other cases with my friends rescues were also basically people doing dumb stuff. Poor instruction.
I have been diving since 1962, continued in the navy and hold every certification and at 60++, continue to swim to stay in shape and dive regularly.
The physical conditioning for certification should be like it was when everyone was trained by current or retired UDT prior to SEALS.
I understand your job is to train as many people as possible and sell equipment for a profit, thats being a good business person, part of America.
Safety needs to be of higher importance than sales, go back to the basics, better conditioning, use the SEAL manual, available on line at navy.seal.gov then put more time on stressing the basics, not fancy gear, focus on the ability to escape from problems and not rely on technology and others. If people are trained correctly, there would be less problems, less diver droupout and you would not have to relie on citizens like my friends and I. I realize harder training will blow out some people, but you really don't want them. I see people suiting up at Kellog Park every day, and a good percentage should not be out there. If I looked like a lot of them, I wouldn't place myself at risk, but go on a diet, swim, work out and get in shape prior to diving.
Please take this as constructive criticism. Diving is a great Joy and should be enjoyed by as many as possible, but get rid of the 2 hour resort training, etc. Make people responsible for themselves.