New post today From Doug Krause Oceanic,about the Pioneer mask:

These are the posts that a marketer prays for - I just wish I had news that the mask was shipping today...

I do apologize to those that feel we have been less than responsive.

In addition to the typical product sampling and testing that we do, a number of masks were produced and sold at retail in Europe. This identified a variety of reports from the field. Without getting into the gory details, there are multiple issues, as there most always are, that we continue to identify and address throughout the product development process. I assure you, that while the frustration level for those of you that have been waiting for your mask is obviously high, you are no more frustrated than any of us.

This truly is one of the most amazing masks that I've worn - it's comfortable, it fits, packs flat - and has the best field-of-view that I've seen - but, painfully unavailable.

Here's what I do know:
- The standard version (all colors) metal frame will be a matte black finish, rather than the brushed aluminum that has been seen up until this point. Some of us pushed hard for an all-black with matte black frame - we showed it at DEMA, and all agreed that it was hot. I have liked the matte black frame all along - while it is different than what we originally envisioned, I'm sure that most of you will agree that it is an improvement.
- We are days away from completing what looks to be our last salt spray testing - we do this both internally and at an external lab.
- If all does indeed go well, we'll be in a position to begin shipping masks by the end of this month - there is a bit of rework and inspection that is going to make this a bit slow going, so it is hard to commit to quantities and exactly when they'll ship.
- The limited edition version - we have qualified a finish to match the original design goal - it is beautiful. We are continuing to qualify the laser engraving process - I do not have an update - these however, will surely follow the standard versions. Anyone that has these on order - your patience is greatly appreciated - and you're welcome, I'm sure to either hang in there, change your order to a standard mask, or cancel - that is ultimately up to you and the dealer, we'll be glad to help if we can.

Thank you once again for your continued patience -

Doug Krause
Marketing Manager