Well I think I may have a problem that can't be solved however I thought I would see if anybody here can think of something I am missing. I was certified by NAUI in 1983 by an outfit in Santa Monica, California named Blue Cheer. I recently moved and during that process my NAUI card and logs took a walk. I have contacted NAUI, several times, and learned my certification pre-dates their automation and they informed me I would need to find the name of my instructor. That is the rub, Blue Cheer went out of business two years ago +/-, and I live far from Santa Monica now and can't seem to find a lead on how to find out who my instructor was way back then... My gut is telling me I may be screwed and have to suffer a do over. If that is the case any suggestions on how to account for my experience in the past? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.