In general it is always best to buy any of your gear from an authorized retailer. Just because a shop may have a website doesn't mean they aren't also your so-called "brick and mortar" store. And I may sound like I'm bragging a bit here, (because I am) but name a "brick and mortar" store that can boast among it's staff 3 current or former course directors, that the ONLY person you'll ever talk to about equipment is AT LEAST an Instructor, that has a staff with experience as a travel agent, a regional training rep for a major training agency, a former Technical Support Director for several manufacturers, former shop owners and managers, commercial divers, former manufacturer's reps for everything from technical gear to photography equipment every single day of the week?

You get that every single day you call If somebody here does not have in-depth knowledge of the item or problem you have we don't have to go very far to find somebody on our staff who does.

So, you can choose to visit your "brick and mortar" store, and have the newly certified open water diver who thought working in a dive shop would be a cool way to pay for some new gear, or you can contact people who truely are Scuba Professionals in every sense of the word.