I would recommend just explaining that to the dive operation you are going to dive with next. Trust me - people do it all the time. 75% of people going on dive holiday haven't gone diving in a year or more. And probably have less than 50 dives overall. Its daunting to remember it all.

Remember though, you have the option to do a refresher course, which a dive master can help you go through gear and practice any skills or signals you think are rusty.

You can also have a dive master just watch you on the dock. For a trained professional, you can do this with them being technically in the water - but your husband sounds like he isn't trained. If something happened, having familiarity with the equipment is paramount to rescue. While your buddy needs to be in the water with you - a DM or Instructor could be in the boat as long as they could see you. Most of them though, would just rather jump in the water with you. Much easier and less stress for all.

I really recommend telling the dive shop though. It'll make you feel better about everything right before diving, and will help make sure the DM knows to pay attention to you and give you any little help you may need to make sure your dive is fun and safe. Don't feel embarrassed - loads of people do it. Its the responsible thing to do.

Good luck!