Well every dive I had attempted was cancelled due to high seas and weather.

Last Sunday however I got to try it out on a perfect day in 100' vis. I loved it. It took a little getting used to with the longer reg hose. You are right, I think I need to get the weight intergrated system as I tried a practice weight dump, and found it difficult to dump weights with the waist strap. I practiced taking it on and off in the water. Everything was adjusted perfectly after weeks of trying it on in anticipation. I am hooked. I will be purchasing one for my wife one day soon as well.

To top the day off, it was my wife's first real open water dive, and while I was helping her steady herself, a blacktip shark and his two buddies came for a visit. I pointed them out and you could see the terror and excitement in her eyes. What a first dive for her getting to see sharks!