All the things posted are great ideas and I don't down them a bit. However if you want more people to use computers...make them cheaper. I am not saying skim and make a nonfunctional device to kill people.I have 3 computers for 2 divers. I always carry a spare incase mine or my wifes dies. Has not happened yet but if it should the one with the failed puter could continue the dive and go on. I will go to add that my backups are bottom of the line stuff and I am going to buy another this season so we each have a backup, but they are expensive even for cheap ones. If you want to make me fork out some bucks for something though on the other hand. Give me a full decompression computer with a basic GPS screen on it. Nothing fancy full color stuff just the basic 1st gen GPS lat/long data and rough led picture of area. This would not be very usefull inland but when doing beach dives it would be sweet.