The chronicle part 1

Herman, Haja, and Dedy Mayor lives in Yenbuba village. Like everyone else in the village they donít have a full time job. The area in Raja Ampat do not support fishing industry. The native Papua only fishing to put food on the table. If they want to sell their catch they can either go to the nearest city in Waisai or sell it to the nearest resort. To earn money they sometimes go to the city to do hard labour and occasionally the boys will rent the house they live in for $35 a day include meals for one to two weeks to tourist that come to visit.
During this time, they will have to sleep in their relative house. Money earned from the rent will be deducted with expenses and share with the relative. Usually they make a good profit for $60 per person.

But its difficult to earn steady income this way because unlike a
resort or hotel with steady number of visitors, they only have two guests every three months. If there is no rent their house, theyíll go to the city to do labour work.

One day Herman thought about building a homestay to accommodate more guests thus provide steady income for everyone in the community. The idea of a homestay is completely new to them. All villagers thought with no education, skills, money, and experience they boys are attempting the impossible. A lot of people questioned their plan and had a lot of doubt about. But Herman didnít really pay attention to none of them. Together with Haja and Dedy they organized 12 people to join with them to build a homestay.

Because they donít have money to pay people only promises they all will earn steady income through this homestay, people started to flee. Unable to keep working with no money they left the group until there were only six of them. With small work force and no money to purchase building material, it took them over a year to build one simple hut through sporadics donation from NGOs and guests that had stay with them.

Several months after the opening, the boys started to receive guests who have heard about their accomodation through word of mouths. Business was starting to pick up and they have steady flux of guests. Some stay for several days, but most stay for a week. More people know about them and Lonely Planet listed their accommodation in one publication.

A lot of people in the village begin to feel the benefit through
steady income from the business. They now have gain respect and trust among villagers. Business went really well for awhile until the landlord decided to raise the rent. The boys had a dispute over the rent with their landlord for several months. Unable to meet the landlord terms and conditions, Herman and his brothers are forced to leave all their hardwork. The unpleasant experience hit really hard on them especially Dedy who for a period of time feel bitter and decided to went to the city to find work.