Hello divers,

We are fundraising for a community based dive resort in Raja Ampat. This will be the first business institution build and manage all by the Native Papua. We hope that by creating jobs we can help eliminate illegal logging, bomb fishing, shark and turtle poaching that is unfortunately still happen today.

Betew Boo diver's village: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/159416?key=9b4f0ab8440e6a1bdde95a33b579472340b748f1

The idea for this project came two years ago from a family in Raja Ampat who pitched their idea about a place where native Papua such as themselves lack of skills and education can manage a business and be a financially independent. After going through many obstacles in term of finding a location, permits and bureaucracy, we finally got a green light from local government in Raja Ampat to proceed. Now, we need your help to start the construction phase.

Every dollar you contribute will help them a lot in their cause. Please join our cause. There is no limit for the contribution. You can donate as low as $1.

Fundraising progress has been really slow but we hope we can reach the target.

Thank you for your help! :D