I have been out of diving since I got certified in 1988. I was not taught right and had some bad experiences. One of which included going off a boat in the Atlantic after being "certified" in twenty feet of water for twenty minutes in a reservoir and then being told that I was a open water diver, and having some panic issues but made it down the anchor line but had a problem equalizng and started to go up and forgot the rule, nay I was not told about looking up and hit my head on the boat. Could have been a disaster but everything went okay the rest of the day.
But when I went on shore dives I started to panic and couldn't dive. I did get to dive in the Giant Ocean Tank at the New England Aquarium; that was really fun but I did not have enough weights and that put a damper on it.
I decided to get back into diving and took a certifacation course through SSI and found the right way to be taught and did fine in the pool with scuba skills and the acedemic questions. The only thing I couldn't do was to tread water and swim the 400 yards; I was told that I couldn't go on the ocean dives until I could do that. I am going to the YMCA twice a week for swimming lessons and doing fine. I can snorkel no with no problem and thought I could go diving and tried it and after getting suited up and in to the ocean I just started to panic and couldn't do it and had to swim back to shore with assistance from the dive leader.I heard from someone while returning the rental gear( I was sold a small BC so I had to rent a XL BC) and was told that when you put a hood on you can feel confined. I don't want to fail!
The dealer that puts profit ahead of safety is Diver Jims in Waltham, Massachusetts.