Hi Mr.Bob,

Thank you!
Amazing way of advising me the way you did.
No one's quite explained that to me.

From 1 instructor to 1 dive master/masterdiver and 1 diveshop/school owner. I've not heard it as simple as that.
2 LDS ...one was a bit a snooty the 2nd super nice that I bought from both of them anyway. At different times w/in a week.
1st shop got an aqualung, it fitted great after the inhale and hold advise but had a hard time equalising when using it as I had a hard time pinching my nose..there was more space in the nostril's part of the mask. 2nd LDS saw that after I showed it and I picked another from the 2nd place and used it and it fits better being able to pinch or touch my nostrils.
Used it next day and I'm happy with the comfort and fit of it after using it yesterday.

Now what to do w/ the 1st mask..hmm..
Again.Thank you!!!
I am new, excited, & determined to learn. Intent on giving back to nature's blue resources.