Hi all,

I'm returning to diving after literally years of being away. I've dived in only a few places but two of them were Belize and Cozumel. Not bad, right?

My husband is about to be certified and we're looking for a little getaway. We're thinking a Caribbean island, and would like some decent diving, but definitely want a great topside vacation too--he wants nice beaches, I just want nice.

I would like his first diving experience to be a good one. He lived in Hawaii for awhile and has done a lot of snorkeling so he's not entirely new to seeing great underwater eye candy. But enjoying our time topside is a priority so Bonaire, for example, is out.

We were thinking of St. Lucia or St. Bart's. I know the diving is not first class, but would it still be enjoyable for us, as amateurish as we are?