Just a note to a cruisers- Please note that the cruise lines do little to serve the customer or the port-of-calls they stop at. They serve themselves in every way possible and are in direct connection with OPEC and the big oil companies. If you enjoy the tropics, please get off the boat and book directly with the places you want to see. You will absorb more of the actual culture, foods and essences of the lands and people. If you plan it right it can actually COST YOU LESS! Look up the local dive shops not the ones paying kick-backs to the cruise lines. Hire local water taxis instead of planned trips.If you pre-arrange things a dive master and boat will be waiting for you when you get to your destination.Beware and be safe, unfortunately many of the destinations the cruise lines stop at are full of pirates, most of them driving taxis. http://caribbeanbeachtravel.com