Every island is different and each dive site holds it's own treasures. A dive vacation should consist of other things as well. Consider day-to day costs. Snorkeling options. Safety and all the other little things. The reef off of Belize and Mexico is a quarter mile off-shore. A lot of people don't know this. After a two-hour boat ride on crappy seas diving was not on the top of my list after one day. Find St.Vincent. No one knows about it. The reefs are easy to reach and thriving. The water is renowned for being some of the clearest in the Caribbean. The exchange rate is almost 3-1 and there's a rain-forest, a volcano, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and easy day trips to other islands. The snorkeling is possibly the best in the Caribbean as the bays are shallow, warm and calm. Not to mention easy to reach right from the almost empty pristine beaches. After seeing most of the rest of the Caribbean I have to say St.Vincent is a no brainer. I found lots of info. and pics. along with a couple of pretty good snorkeling/dive videos at http://caribbeanbeachtravel.com Good luck and happy bubbles.