I got my OW certification last August, about 3 weeks before my wife and I went to Aruba. I went on a half-day 2-tank dive trip with Clive Paula of Dive Aruba. Clive's boat was small -- there were only five customers, plus Clive and his son (sorry, forget the son's name). The other 4 clients were vastly more experienced than I. Clive went down with us for the first dive -- to a wreck in about 90'. He stayed close to me, and was every bit as attentive as a new diver could hope for. Being much newer than the others, I used my air faster than the others. When I signaled to Clive that I was getting low, he checked on my tank level every few minutes, so that I got as much bottom time as was safely possible, before accompanying me back up to the surface (including safety stop). Our second dive was a drift dive over the reef. Clive's son was the divemaster that time, and was as good as his dad when it came to being communicative with the group. We went to 60' for the second dive, and due to some advice from the more experienced divers given on the boat between dives, I was better able to make my air last, and stayed down as long as the rest of the group.

Bottom line, I felt safe and well-attended for the trip, and would recommend Clive Paula to any new diver. I don't know how the more experienced among us here would feel about him, but if and when I go back to Aruba, I'll be looking Clive up again. Well worth the money, IMHO.