Brian, I dive with the Apollo Drysuit. It is not baggy it will fit your clothing under it . I wear shorts and a t-shirt under mine. My favorite feature of this suit is the self purging ankle dumps. You dont need to worry about your feet getting above you becasue your suit will release the air for you.It is SOOOO easy to use, its comfortable, and not alot of weight required because you are not putting layer after layer of undergarments on. Check out they offer this suit at a VERY reasonable price.
posted by Wilty23:
I am thinking about buying a drysuit in the next year but there seems to be many brands and types to choose from. I am leaning towards a Bailey's custom suit which is some type of crushed or compressed neoprene. It is also lined so there is no need for under garments unless its really cold. However, the suit fits tight because it is custom so tight sweats are about all that will fit anyway. I do most of my diving in New Jersey on off shore wreck where the temp can range between 70 and 30 degrees. Can you offer any suggestions. Thanks

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