I am relatively new to diving, but I am getting more and more hooked. So far, I have always rented gear, but I think it's time to get my own.

However, I happen to carry with me a set of rather nonstandard feet: large (US size 13) and - what's more important - very wide. The painful problem I encounter every time I dive is that whatever fins I try, I end up crying under water when the fin pockets squeeze the sides of my feet.

Does anyone has a recommendation for a fin with extra wide pockets? The width of the pockets will have to be the primary criterion; design/performance will have to take the back seat.

(I guess the obvious answer is that with feet that large and that wide, who needs fins! Unfortunately, I do not have webbing between toes...)

Of the rented fins I tried, ScubaPro Twin Jets were the least painful. Atomic Aquatics SplitFins were distant second.