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#1005 - 06/08/01 11:58 AM Re: Wrist or Console?
Rebecca Offline

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I am going to go against the grain here by say I donít like the wrist mount. I find you bang it around more and have a more chance of tangling up on things. You have to have a console anyway why not consolidate.
As for jmsdiver, getting rid of your pressure gauge is a REAL BAD IDEA! How do you know how much air you start with? What if your tank was not full when you start? In my opinion that is plain stupid!!!!!!
You are looking for trouble.
I use a retractable gauge clip and have had no problems with it. I clip it to my D-Ring near my armpit. All I have to do is reach at my upper body with my left hand and waaalaaa there it is. I like the compact version where it has the pressure and computer on one side and the compass on the back. I donít use my compass as much as the other two.

#1006 - 06/08/01 03:15 PM Re: Wrist or Console?
jmsdiver Offline

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Perhaps you should re-read my post: I did not get rid of my SPG, I clip it with a brass snap to a D-ring on my BCD. My compass, on the other hand sits on my dresser. Perhaps you got the two confused?? I would never advocate getting rid of a gauge that tracks vital information, like air. Good Grief However, I won't go to air integrated computers just yet...I think that gauge is best left analogue, because computers do fail, though rare. I would still like to know how much air I have when I abort the dive due to a computer failure. Cheers!

#1007 - 06/18/01 09:47 PM Re: Wrist or Console?
jefri416 Offline
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Ok. I'll elaborate as much as I can. I personally dislike console attatched to your wrist. I dove with one on my wrist and it took my attention away from all of the cool sites... I dunno. That's my opinion. Plus, having the feeling of all of your gear on is kind of "binding" and having a console on your wrist just makes diving (to me) like a chore... -Jeff

#1008 - 06/19/01 07:22 AM Re: Wrist or Console?
nobends Offline

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I tried using a wrist mounted computer and found that it got in the way an awful lot, especially when I was lobstering. I kept banging it into things and getting it scratched up. I switched to a retractor specifically designed for the computer (keeps the unit very close to me). I've clipped the retractor right over my heart, and have no problems finding it in zero vis situations.

I have my spg on a breakaway bungie on my left hip D-ring. It is positioned so that I can look down towards my fins and read the guage. It on a break away bungie instead of a clip to avoid entanglements (especially helpful if pulling youself through a narrow opening in a wreck in search of more lobsters!!). BTW -- my compass stays on the surface for almost all of my dives. Natural natvigation has worked quite well for me on wrecks and reefs. Safe diving everyone!

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