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#7741 - 06/27/09 02:00 PM GPS Housing Help
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I am working on a project for a marketing class and wanted to get some feedback. I have to develop an idea for a new product. I am novice certified open water diver. I think a GPS unit that allows divers to find locations and mark them.

What do you think about a housing for an existing hand held GPS? I am thinking of a plate that attaches to the GPS and a water tight cover to go over it. This cover would be a one time use only after the seal is broken.

For my project please respond to the following questions:
Is this a product you would buy?
Is this a product you would use?
How much would you pay for this product?

Thank you for any help you can provide. I am also open to comments that might help improve this idea.

#7742 - 06/29/09 10:09 AM Re: GPS Housing Help [Re: juju0582]
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A GPS or Global Positioning System that would work underwater would be an interesting piece of equipment. I could be incorrect, but being a line of sight type system I do not think it is possible to use the GPS signal through water. In the past, underwater marking or locating devices have used a type of sonar or ultra-sonic type medium. They are also line of sight, so rocks, wrecks or any solid mass between the transceivers would hinder effectiveness. For recreational diving the cost would have to be relatively low. Until the technology is available and provides enough improvement to features and benefits, say over the compass and depth gauge, the market would be small. Much like the dive computer has almost replaced dive tables. Once the cost and reliability became reasonable, divers switched to the dive computer.

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