Of course they realize. You have to remember they are consumers themselves. They field the calls and emails from divers as well as their dealers. The entire staff at Oceanic completely understands what everybody else thinks and feels. The consumer frequently forgets that we are not vending machines. We shop retail and online as well and come across this in other areas every day.

And as a consumer we all need to understand that nothing is ever 100%. The manufacturer makes an estimate for delivery based on several factors. Production, shipping, customs, and quality and more. In this case quality control has found issues with the masks right before they were ready to ship to dive shops world wide. What that means is the entire run of masks, that was in the US and ready to deliver had to be returned and reproduced. And it's not as easy as calling the production facility and saying "make me more masks". It takes months to assemble that many masks.

I know the wait is irritating but myself personally, I'm glad Oceanic takes these quality steps BEFORE I get my product rather than me discovering it during a dive and having to return the product.