SoCal Divers,
If you're in the area, there will be events at some local aquariums tomorrow. Also some information on the network of MPAs coming to southern California next year.

California’s other state parks are underwater. And they provide some incredible recreation, education and research opportunities! Our underwater parks, or marine protected areas, preserve nature at its finest while allowing us to experience healthy, abundant ocean ecosystems.

Right now, a process is underway to create a new system of underwater parks in southern California. The goal is to design a network of protected areas that will preserve our best kelp forests, submarine canyons, rocky reefs, and other marine habitats, while leaving the majority of coastal waters open for fishing and other uses. Marine protected areas are popular with divers and snorkelers, but they are also good for surfers, birders, and beachcombers. Healthy marine ecosystems are not only more productive and stable, but also mean better wildlife viewing opportunities, both underwater and on land.

You can learn more about our existing underwater parks, and the exciting effort to create more, at Underwater Parks Day this Saturday, January 17.

Several south coast aquaria are hosting Underwater Parks Day events with educational presentations, exhibits, and activities for the whole family. To learn more about events in your area, visit one of the websites below.

And if you would like to learn more or get involved in the effort to create new underwater parks in Southern California, visit We have an opportunity now to do for our coastal waters what state and national parks have done for our most treasured landscapes on land. And we need your help to make sure the south coast’s new underwater parks work for wildlife and people!

Participating aquaria:
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach:
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro:
Ocean Institute, Dana Point:
Birch Aquarium, La Jolla:
SeaLife Aquarium, Carlsbad:
Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Santa Monica:
Ty Warner Sea Center, Santa Barbara: