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#7566 - 12/08/08 12:26 AM A Sea Slug Christmas (poem of sorts)
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Here's a diving Christmas poem I just finished. I'm sure there are some grammatical errors, but it's fun anyway. I haven't seen too many Scuba Christmas poems. If you want to copy it to paste somewhere else all I ask is that you credit me with it and keep my link at the bottom. Thank you and enjoy.

A Sea Slug Christmas

by Tim from Suck Air Scuba

T’was the night before Christmas

And I was snug as a bug,

but I couldn’t stop thinking

about that lonely sea slug.

It was on my last dive.

I was forty feet down.

That’s when I saw him,

just moping around.

I waved and I smiled,

and I signed “Are you okay?”

He looked at me slowly,

in a small sluggy way.

“Don’t bother me!

It’s been a bad day!

My girlfriend was eaten

and a fish stole my bed,

and I lost my hat

for my little cold head!”

Taken back as I was

that a sea slug could talk.

I was glad to see him

not get up and walk.

As he scooted away

I wondered what else he could do.

Is it possible that sea slugs

have Christmas too?

I finished my dive

and got out of the sea.

I got as warm and as dry

as a diver can be.

Now I’m laying here thinking,

all warm and well loved,

that maybe I can help

that lonely sea slug.

I jumped from my bed,

and grabbed some old mittens.

I leapt o’re the top

of our four newborn kittens.

I went to the shed

to grab all my gear.

I was pulling it out

and what did I hear.

It was Santa and elves

on top of my house.

He looked down at me laughing

shook his head and said,

“The tips of those mittens are nice,

but give him these instead.”

He gave me tiny hats,

half a dozen or so.

“Give them to others

you see as you go.

At the beach you will find

some good friends of mine

to help in your travels

and help you save time.”

So I packed up my things,

and had some good luck

when I found a full tank

in the bed of my truck.

Now down to the beach,

just a mile or so.

I get out and get ready,

and wouldn’t you know,

there was a dive buddy

all ready to go.

We finished our checks,

and waded on in,

then up from the waves

popped a seal and a fin.

The seal said “I’m Sammy,

and we are ready to go.

The others are waiting

just down below.

Santa has sent us,

to help you from here.

Just take up the reins,

because, you get to steer.”

We dropped down beside him

and all I could see

were Sammy then Flipper

then Jaws and Moby.

I snatched up the reins

and gave them a shake.

We were moving so quickly

we created a wake.

I got to the spot

where I met the sad slug.

I couldn’t find him

so I turned and I shrugged.

My dive buddy pointed

to go around the bend.

I grabbed on the reins

and we were off again.

I looked and I found him

just under a rock.

I shook him a little

and he woke with a shock.

“What are you doing?

Can’t you leave me alone?

I’m still upset,

but I found a new home.”

My buddy then tapped me

and pointed straight down.

There were five sea slugs

just scooting around.

They had all lost their hats

and needed somewhere to stay.

The first slug said, “There’s room.

I was alone anyway.”

They all moved right in,

and I gave them each a new hat.

I heard one of them say,

“I wish all divers were like that.”

They all went to sleep.

I went off to the same.

We got out of the water,

and I asked my buddy his name.

He said, ”It’s Davy.”

So I asked, “Where’s home?”

He said, “I live in the locker,

down deep and alone.”

He turned and he waved

then sank out of site.

I couldn’t help but think,

This has been an odd night.

I got back to my bed,

all warm and all snug.

Then went to sleep thinking

of a happy sea slug.

#7567 - 01/13/09 01:21 PM Re: A Sea Slug Christmas (poem of sorts) [Re: Orsk]
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That is too cute. Thanks for sharing!


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