My wife and I just got back from Cozumel 11/16/08. We had the best diving experience with a new dive shop called " Dive with Jimmy".
We've tried diving with all the other shops but Dive with Jimmy had the best rates we found.
Juan Pablo runs the shop there. He is a native diver to Cozumel. His staff picked us up at our pier at 7:45am each day and had us back at 11:30 for lunch.
They have all brand new "Sherwood Gear" and their boats were 24" to 30"ft so we were never overcrowded.
Juan Pablo was the best.
He catered to our group hand over foot. He was featurered in Sport Diver Magazine in 2002.
We would recomend "Dive with Jimmy" to anyone!! Check out their website:
Our Next trip is the first week of February 09, they've got our business.