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#7276 - 07/29/07 04:04 AM Swimming with COPD
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I suffer from some minor joint problems with my right knee, hip, and shoulder, as well as a mild form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Exercising in a pool is recommended for those with joint problems, but COPD requires that I be connected to a 2L source of oxygen when exercising or sleeping.

Is there a manufacturer who offers equipment that would provide me with a source of oxygen while exercising in a pool, or for that matter at the beach? I have an Invacare Self Fill Unit for filling tanks, etc.

I haven't had any luck with my requests at the hospital or with manufacturers of medical oxygen equipment. Hopefully you will have a suggestion.

Thank you.


#7277 - 07/29/07 01:15 PM Re: Swimming with COPD [Re: graybeard]
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Unfortunately, there is no piece of scuba gear that would really be of help in this application. As a matter of fact, this condition would definitely be conraindicatory to SCUBA. The tnks needed to accommodate the pure oxygen environment you require would not be fillable from your station as the valves are different on SCUBA tanks from the Oxygen tanks you're currently using.


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