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#7108 - 12/18/06 12:23 PM Solo Diving
tj1 Offline
avid diver

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What is your opinion on solo diving? Although it is not recommended can you get ticketed for it?

#7109 - 02/09/07 09:16 AM Re: Solo Diving [Re: tj1]
donnarospd Offline
just got here

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no, but its a really stupid idea. if something happens at depth (and judging from the questions you've posted, it does not sound like you have much experience under your belt) you might not know how or be able to react in a manner that would save your life if you're by yourself. Only highly experienced divers would go it alone and at that, they would have a redundancy system.

#7110 - 02/17/07 05:00 AM Re: Solo Diving [Re: donnarospd]
Tanker1 Offline

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There are no SCUBA police. It is our own responsibility to police ourselves. I've been diving for 30 years and most of my dive buddies have as well. We do not dive solo. You pull out most of the safety options to do so. My buddies and I have all been in situations where things have turned to crap FAST and with NO WARNING. If they had not been there I would not be sitting here right now asking you to appeal to your better judgement and not do it. Keep it safe and besides it's more fun to do it with a reliable friend who shares the same love of the deep.

#7111 - 04/05/07 08:46 AM Re: Solo Diving [Re: tj1]
aquamannyc Offline
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you can scuba alone but HIGHLY, HIGHLY NOT RECCOMENDED,even
if you just doing a shallow (under 30ft) dive near the beach
at slack tide or no current . remmember ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME. ALWAYS TRY AND GO WITH A BUddy. also
remeber to call up DAN and get you dive insurance even if you only dive one dive a year or just go snorkeling once a year , protect yourself always and do not underestimate the water or what can happen. 3 divers just died in florida
and all were "experienced" with many years behing them. one mistake is unforgiven, do not let that be you .

#7112 - 04/13/07 09:28 AM Re: Solo Diving [Re: aquamannyc]
BrianO Offline

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Sounds like sound advice from all replying members. Every time I can remember hearing about a major incident, it seems like at least 3 of the basic safety rules. Solo diving breaks a major safety rule before you even get in the water. Noone can decide for you, but knowing our limitations seems to be a good survival strategy. Even combat swimmers go in teams.

#7113 - 03/11/09 10:58 AM Re: Solo Diving [Re: BrianO]
boarder3132 Offline
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New question: I am new and would not dive alone. I would like to get some time in with my equipment before going on a dive this year. Can I have my husband, a swimmer, be on the dock and monitor me while I am in the water off the end of the dock? The water is about 7 feet and I swim there all summer underwater without a tank. There are no obstructions.

#7114 - 03/13/09 06:05 PM Re: Solo Diving [Re: boarder3132]
BobG Offline

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Unfortunately this is not a good idea. A diver would have the air to help with various situations that the lung capacity of a swimmer would not be able to remain for. In the long run you'd only be putting him in danger if you needed help no matter how good a swimmer he was.

#7115 - 03/18/09 07:37 PM Re: Solo Diving [Re: BobG]
rquasar Offline
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If it's only 7' of water. Why not use a pool. I've done it in my pool testing equipment. I'm sure the agency that certified you would be more than happy to let you use their pool. I know I can walk into the store that I frequent out here, and as long as they aren't having a class, I can use it, anytime. But BobG is correct, it's not something you should do. New Years this year I went to CA to dive with someone. The night B4 he broke his little toe at work. We were even invited to tag along to Catalina with an Advanced open water class that Clarke was taking. My dive buddy suggested I could just go to Shaw's cove & dive alone. The water isn't deep & maybe I could hook up with some people while I was diving. But it's not how I was trained, and it's not something I would want to start doing. Everything is fine until that "1" time something goes wrong. I even use a redundant air supply, I still wont do it.

#7116 - 04/17/09 01:34 PM Re: Solo Diving [Re: rquasar]
scubastace Offline
new diver

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I would recommend just explaining that to the dive operation you are going to dive with next. Trust me - people do it all the time. 75% of people going on dive holiday haven't gone diving in a year or more. And probably have less than 50 dives overall. Its daunting to remember it all.

Remember though, you have the option to do a refresher course, which a dive master can help you go through gear and practice any skills or signals you think are rusty.

You can also have a dive master just watch you on the dock. For a trained professional, you can do this with them being technically in the water - but your husband sounds like he isn't trained. If something happened, having familiarity with the equipment is paramount to rescue. While your buddy needs to be in the water with you - a DM or Instructor could be in the boat as long as they could see you. Most of them though, would just rather jump in the water with you. Much easier and less stress for all.

I really recommend telling the dive shop though. It'll make you feel better about everything right before diving, and will help make sure the DM knows to pay attention to you and give you any little help you may need to make sure your dive is fun and safe. Don't feel embarrassed - loads of people do it. Its the responsible thing to do.

Good luck!

#8004 - 02/23/11 04:47 PM Re: Solo Diving [Re: tj1]
Charon Offline
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[quote=tj1]What is your opinion on solo diving? Although it is not recommended can you get ticketed for it? [/quote]

I strongly disagree with most of what has been posted here. First, SDI [b][u]does indeed[/u][/b] have a certification in Solo Diving. The first chapter of the manual (Thinking and Acting Outside the Buddy System) covers some basic and [b][u]serious[/u][/b] flaws in the buddy system as well as some very good reasons to gain solo diving skills.

Personally I found myself in the most dangerous situation I've ever experienced diving with a "Dive Master" and 8 others off Klein Bonaire this last January. Only one other of the group had skills. He asked me later if I felt as at risk as he did. I am far safer alone than I was when diving with that group. An inexperienced, clueless or panic prone buddy is a seriously danger to both divers.

I dive almost exclusively solo and I've got a [b][u]lot[/u][/b] of solo dives. I do it for the freedom and peace and (selfishly) not having to do what I don't want to. I don't want to keep track of someone, babysit, be held back, be rushed, or any of that other shite. I dive for me - for solutide, for peace, for freedom. That said, if someone is in an OOA situation I am prepared to hand them an air supply that will allow a non deco ascent from 130'. It's easy. It simply takes training,equipment, and experience. There is NOTHING wrong or dangerous with solo diving, as long as you have trained and follow the rules/restrictions.

I've had problems, though none the solo course didn't make me prepare for and make me completely equipped to handle, and rather easily at that. In some cases a buddy trying to help might very well have made matters worse.

All due respect, if you are experiencing things going to crap I would suggest that you are either not paying attention, are ill prepaired, or are simply incompetent. If you are properly equipped, taking care of your equipment, inspecting it properly before every dive, thouroughly planning your dive (know the site, proper gas calcs, etc.) and then follow that plan and know when to abort it, have an independent (redundant) air source, and you still need a buddy to bail your butt out, you shouldn't be diving. Get a snorkel and stay on top.

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