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#6946 - 10/26/04 01:59 PM Dive Computer/ Compass
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If you live in the intercoastal land, and do any sort of diving there you know that you must navigate with a compass (poor vis. for you coastal foak is the reason why;-)) but sometimes it can be a hassle to pull it out of your B/C pocket or adjust your counsel so that you can see you compass or in my case flip the flippen thing over. Why would it be so hard to incorporate a digital compass with a dive computer? Then you could dial in your way points, and time to those way points, and dial in all of your headings before hand, so that if you are unfamiliar with your quarry, lake, etc. you could whip out a map figure out the quardinants and go for it.
Just a thought Oceanic, Mares, Tusa, or any other takers!!!

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#6947 - 10/31/04 05:44 PM Re: Dive Computer/ Compass
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FYI, UWATEC made the exact product you're describing in 97. It held up 9 waypoints and gave you the reverse heading and time in minutes for each one. It was a cool gadget, but a little pricey for a compass. They were discontinued after about 24 months. Haven't seen one since to be honest.
For now, the price and ease of use factors dictate that we use the good old reliable analog model. The coolest thing for now is to have it on a retractor of it's own. Light, compact and available at the tug of your hand.


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