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#6899 - 02/08/03 03:51 PM SCUBA system for Raceboat
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Hello all,

I race boats. This year we are required to have a on-board SCUBA system. I just completed training using a existing system. There currently is only one person making this system and he is charging over $2000 for it. It consists of a 6.5cu ft. tank with 1st stage regulator running to a full face mask that t-bayonets into the helmet. The mask (very similiar to those used in airplanes) has the supply hose connecting in the middle (at bottom) with what they call a integrated regulator in the left side of the face (it has a small button to push to purge), and on the right side of the mask is a automatic ambient air valve(this allows us to breathe ambient air and then switch manually or when submerged to tank air). I am hoping to put together a system on my own for less (hopefully I dont crash and end up upside down, then I wont need, but it would be great to have). If anyone has any ideas please post here or email me at A picture of the mask is at this web site:

thanks for any help or suggestions

#6900 - 02/10/03 11:34 AM Re: SCUBA system for Raceboat
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We do have full face masks on the website. Check out the Oceanreef systems.

#6901 - 02/13/03 12:16 AM Re: SCUBA system for Raceboat
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How about a small scubatank 40cft or so strapped to the lower back with a regulator on a surgical tubing necklace around your neck. Similar to what is used at Sea World in the Orca tank on occaision. Then just cut a space in your seat so that the tank has a slot to fit into. If the space is tight and you are worried about the tank being stuck in the slot you cut, then have a lever that releases the whole seat and you and the seat can swim out.


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