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#6849 - 01/23/02 03:55 PM night Vision mask
diverone Offline

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Loc: australia
hi there fellow divers

here is my idea........

would it be nice to have a night vision mask for under water use....

something similar to night vision goggels..

any enginners out there?????

just my idea....


#6850 - 01/24/02 09:40 PM Re: night Vision mask
TexasMike Offline

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Night vision works by picking up and amplifying ambient light such as starlight, moonlight reflected street lights, infrared light sources, etc.

Unfortunately, when diving in deeper depths, these light sources aren't there.

It's much simpler to carry a dive light. Also once your eyes become used to the darkness, it's amazing how much you can really see.

#6851 - 01/31/02 11:34 AM Re: night Vision mask
Rebecca Offline

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Seavision is working in that direction. They make a mask with lenses designed for night diving or diving in low visibility. Its called the "max vision mask"
But I like your idea! It would be great to get rid of those dive lights. That kind of mask would be especially good for underwater hunters.

#6852 - 01/31/02 01:42 PM Re: night Vision mask
kwesler Offline

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Isn't there an interim step? A dive light whose beam is in a spectrum that only a special mask would see, and be invisible to wildlife, so less disruptive. Some night vision technology use an infrared beam, that the special lens picks up.

#6853 - 01/02/03 06:37 PM Re: night Vision mask
Cirened Offline

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I have dived (shallow 10 feet depth) with the Special Forces Rebreather setup and they have mounted a PVS-7b Night vision system to a Neptune full mask. We use UV lights that are nearly invisible but I found the Night vision just about worthless underwater. Any silt or debris pretty much blinds you. They are only useful when you surface and have to sneak up on some one.

#6854 - 01/04/03 12:25 AM Re: night Vision mask
Good Kiwi Bloke Offline
avid diver

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Gimme a break.

Turn your light off and wait for your eyes to adjust for a few minutes. You will find that the ocean is a living soup of little things that glow in the dark.

You can be 60 ft underwater on a cloudy moonless night and still see enough to not bump into things.

I did this last week in fact, I did the whole dive without the lights on and the meter long horse-eye jacks closed right in and hung out within an arm length for the whole dive, but only when I turned the lights off.

Underwater night vision,, Sheess, as if I didnt have enough gear to schlep around.

#6855 - 02/25/03 09:35 AM Re: night Vision mask
DiveVawreks Offline

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You will have to use yr mask solo or make everyone on the dive have one. Good luck trying to get money from some nitwit that shines his dive light in your face at depth and blows the unit.

#6856 - 02/27/03 10:08 AM Re: night Vision mask
BillL Offline

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Loc: So. California, USA
The Seavision MaxVision has a light-enhancing lens, which is similar to night driving glasses. They make an excellent mask and these yellow lenses are really work well.

#7993 - 02/02/11 07:49 PM Re: night Vision mask [Re: diverone]
StuffedAnimals Offline
just got here

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found one

#7999 - 02/19/11 02:20 PM Re: night Vision mask [Re: StuffedAnimals]
BobG Offline

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That looks like a cool piece of engineering, but I have to say I don't see it succeeding as a recreational scuba product yet. For one, view through it is going to be the same as any other night vision piece of equipment where as a dive light gives a clear look color wise.

Next for the recreational diver it doesn't look like the most comfortable piece of gear to wear. Obviously it is going to be front heavy and is very limited in depth at only 66ft.

On the positive side... somebody is definately working on it!


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