Im a certified Divemaster used to the cold-water-diving in Sweden, where I live.

My current jobsituation is to run a PADI divecenter, together with a couple of instructors.

I have the responsibility of service and maintanance of all our scuba equipment aswell as recruiting and planning.

As my age is 21, Ive just been "released" from my military service (conscript:Special Forces Corps, Swedish Army).

I have a great interest in the underwater world and my ambition is to move on to the Instructor course as soon as possible.

As the cold and dark waters here in the north, is becoming a bit unexiting Im now looking for a job abroad next summer! (april is what Ive planned)

Im a happy and relaxed bloke, and able to work hard when necessary!

(Im certified for service/maintanance of Mares regulators, PADI equipment specialty, and also familiar with BAUER-compressors...)

If this sounds interesting to you, please let my know by e-mail at the following adresses: