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#6566 - 08/13/02 07:51 PM wanna talk about diving?
jamrig Offline
new diver

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if u wanna tell me what its like to dive cuz i really wanna know please post a reply here or if you have aim my screen name is chidog215

#6567 - 08/15/02 11:28 AM Re: wanna talk about diving?
BillL Offline

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Some people describe it as the closest you can get to being able to fly, because your are weightless when diving. Being able to breathe underwater is a fantastic feeling and seeing the marine animals up close and personal is hard to describe. This is one of the fun and exciting things to do.
Good luck

#6568 - 09/08/02 06:43 AM Re: wanna talk about diving?
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There was an advertisement in a magazine a few years ago (Scubapro, I believe) it showed light filtering through a kelp forest. Down one side, it said (as close as I can remember) Down here there are no : ringing phones, honking horns, screaming kids, yelling bosses etc. Knowing this to be true, what are you still doing up there? Diving is like entering a peaceful beautiful world completely seperated from all your surface cares or problems. For a short time, I don't care what's going on in the world above.

#6569 - 09/10/02 06:16 PM Re: wanna talk about diving?
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What is your most memorable dive?

#6570 - 09/11/02 03:35 PM Re: wanna talk about diving?
BadFish Offline

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Well, i tell you mine.

It was late july, early morning around 7am.
first boat out to shiprock, catalina.

Got down to the reef on the front side of shiprock.
It was 100+ vis very very light current.
the sun was shining thru the kelp so bright i had
to cover my eyes when i looked at it. I could read the letters off the side of my buddies boat at about 70 feet. then while cross betwwen the peaks on the side of ship rock i saw the most
peaceful sight. it was just the kelp forest, but it was clear and bright. Quiet like a real forest and the light rays were peeking in from here and there. My buddy and i just floated there watching the fish swam in and out of the kelp.

I remember thinking....." this is why i got into diving in the first place"

#6571 - 09/12/02 08:46 AM Re: wanna talk about diving?
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That must have been a great diving day.

#6572 - 09/29/02 01:55 AM Re: wanna talk about diving?
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If there are any people using irc (Quakenet servers) and intrested in scuba diving put channel #scuba to your autojoin. It`s a new scuba diving related channel and it`s going to be a major worldwide diving discussion channel in near future (hopely) [Smile] . But this works only with Quakenet servers.

Sincerely yours, the master of the channel #scuba .

#6573 - 10/14/02 05:41 PM Re: wanna talk about diving?
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avid diver

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I dont have alot of experence diving yet.
Ive only been diving sence this past spring, but im hooked...
All my dives are local (Rhode Island)
This area gives quite a selections of conditions.
One of the dives that impressed me the most was probally one of the more simple things you would never think of.
Me and my dive buddy where doing a nite dive for Lobsters.
We where far enough apart so we could se where each other was by the glow of the light, but not blinding each other,
It was a peacefull dive, mild current, and good viz.
For a moment, I turned my light off.
I was surrounded by bio-eluminecents (not sure on the spelling)
it was like something in a movie...
Sometimes the most simple things make you realize why you do it.


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